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PNRFU Clinics

PNRFU Clinics are created to support the certification courses, in addition to the Mentorship Program. We are seeking a continuous training in our coaches.

Clinic Level 1
learn to train

Perfect for beginners and youth coaches. We will deepen the coaching continuum, focusing our work on the Key Factors Analysis (KFA) and the models W-P-W and P-P-W, using games to learn through them.

Clinic Level 2
train to train

Coaches must be L200 certified. We will learn how to technically, tactically, and strategically improve your trainings and we will introduce the coach's philosophy.

Clinic Level 3
train to compete

Coaches must be L200 certified or higher and active coaches in a PNRFU member team. We will learn about how to plan a season with different peaks (micro-cycles and macro-cycles), attack and defense systems, leadership, team management, and the importance of the coach's philosophy in your team.